DWQA QuestionsCategory: ElementalsIt’s probably safe to assume that the shamans of most indigenous tribes around the globe could readily talk to nature spirits, and some still can today. What percentage of indigenous people could talk to nature spirits routinely say 500 years ago before being disturbed by European cultures?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

The situation then with respect to innate intuitive ability was not much different than today’s world. Humans have been impaired across the board genetically for many thousands of years to have psychic abilities suppressed but, as we have discussed, there are a few who retain very significant intuitive reach—those are individuals who become the shamans among the indigenous peoples. It is certainly the case that prior to European influence, the average member of an indigenous tribe would have enough intuitive awareness of such things, they would have great respect for what the shaman sees and conveys to them about what might be happening, or what might be needed to help a situation improve than is the case in today’s world.

Most people of today, as you know, are not only ignorant but closed-minded about the paranormal and the spiritual realm entirely. This is their great misfortune as they are cutting themselves off from the very lifeline making their existence possible energetically—and eventually will follow the same fate as the dark spirits and extraterrestrials and will eventually no longer be supported—it is a choice the humans make themselves, to turn away from us, and it can be a fatal error over time.