DWQA QuestionsCategory: ElementalsThere is a story of an architect who built a house in New Mexico on a rocky hillside with a beautiful view. During the construction, a couple of large rocks were moved. Not long after the house was finished his business began to suffer and he was diagnosed with cancer. In desperation, he consulted a Native American healer who said the earth and rock spirits were upset because moving those rocks upset the energy balance in the area. That imbalance combined with the intense anger of the nature spirits caused his business failures and cancer. When he restored the rocks, his problems disappeared. Given our disconnected state, this seems like yet another invisible hazard. Can Creator comment?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This was an accurate perception by the shaman seeing intuitively that this person did in fact cause an energetic perturbation of the property in question and there was, indeed, a psychic attack launched against him by the elementals coinhabiting that location. There were other deeper reasons in that individual’s prior karmic history setting him up to have a karmic consequence and an innate vulnerability that could well end up triggering a metabolic imbalance and a subsequent malignant transformation of cells causing tumors to sprout. It just so happened that the nature of the psychic attacks launched were karmically resonating with that potential in his history and, indeed, set in motion an awakening of the very vulnerability that could for him end in tragedy.

He was fortunate in that the sequence of events played out in such a way that having the onset of the business disruption coupled with a potentially fatal health deterioration provided enough reexperiencing of karmic consequence of a negative sort, that it was sufficient to satisfy the needs of the Law of Karma for him to make a kind of sacrifice himself in losing something of value, if only for a time. This is why the situation resolved itself once the energetic imbalance the architect caused on his land was remedied—that ended the dispute, so to speak, and this cleared the air in a sense energetically with the Law of Karma, and it was seen by the Law of Karma that what he had gone through was sufficient payback for prior transgressions, so those consequences were eased, allowing him to have his life restored eventually.

This is a nice illustration of karma at work because it is highly dynamic, it is a flow and flux of many complex energies acting simultaneously. These can be orchestrated through purposeful intervention, especially by the divine realm, but will need a human request to set such an intervention in motion. These kinds of interactions between a kind of supernatural consciousness where one is choosing to live would be seen by almost everyone as bizarre and likely unbelievable, but these phenomena are quite real, not that you are at great risk from such beings in your vicinity but they can at times be an influence, either positive or negative, and so it is wise to consider them.

This is why the Lightworker Healing Protocol explicitly states that any kind of divine intervention requested for a location to work on or heal any issue be first presented to the elementals for their agreement. Your story is a good example of why this is “wisdom in action” because it would be unfortunate to have a session of divine healing get a war going between the client and elementals on their land by proceeding in a reckless fashion. As you know, we strive to do what’s highest and best for all. Rather than seeing this asking of permission as an impediment to having a successful divine intervention on your behalf, it will actually result in more and more highly effective interventions than would otherwise be the case. The divine will not cause harm. So in the past, many people have prayed for assistance that was not rendered because there might be an intrusion on other beings of consciousness in the environment. By learning to ask for a consultation with other beings in residence, this gives the divine the agency, at human request, to sort out what other impact there might be in healing what the humans want to see happen and ensure there is cooperation across the board with other beings who might be affected or influenced indirectly. The fact we can do that is because humans are aware and requesting it, otherwise we must stand aside because we are not allowed to lead, so this is a good illustration of how your growth in understanding the nuances of life involved with the art of living are adding to your personal and collective welfare.