DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaJames Bond is a fictional character created by Ian Fleming and the hero of numerous books and movies. The Bond character is hugely popular with a cult following that spans decades, appealing to all generations. Yet in spite of all the hoopla, Bond comes across as an extreme loner that most would not want to call “friend.” Self-absorbed, here today, gone tomorrow, as likely to seduce your wife as show up for a golf date on time. Yet, he is portrayed as some kind of role model. Why is such a rogue an appealing and entertaining character?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

This character has appeal to human because everyone likes to be a winner, everyone wants to see themselves as a hero, everyone wants to be strong and capable of facing great challenges and winning the day in spite of all odds. So that is the basic appeal in reading stories of the heroic, the great warriors, the great champions who work hard and train and prevail, against all odds, against their opponent. This is not to say everyone will be willing to do the work it might take to reach those lofty heights of prowess and achievement, and certainly not all are equally adept, equally brilliant, equally athletic, and equally resourceful, but this, too, is linked to why stories about such heroes are necessary because they satisfy the inner yearning to have a taste of what it is like, if only vicariously, in reading a tale about such a figure. And that is the essence of all entertainment—it allows a melding of conscious focus with the doings of another and will absorb the mind in the screenplay or other narrative, and at least provide a taste of what it might be like to walk in the shoes of someone capable of heroic feats.

Even though the Bond character was involved in very human-level activities and interchanges that were sometimes violent, as well as involving some chicanery, that is the circumstance of earth plane that makes such narratives not only possible but somewhat appealing. It is not the life path of a light being but light beings share the same desire for excellence, the same ambition, and inner drive to reach for acts of greatness but done for the sheer exhilaration, not done to satisfy the ego by elevating the self over others, but simply wanting to push the boundaries, test the waters to see what might be possible, and the end result will always be shared with others so all can learn and grow in parallel, if only by walking the path of the champion and following their example. The idea of achieving excellence is universal and has great value, for that is part of the life plan intended by Creator, for all to have a unique starting point, given a unique soul makeup, and then let loose to see what they can make of it.

While humans might end up competing with one another with various schemes that will eliminate many along the way to win out over the lesser lights and lead to an ultimate champion who will enjoy the goal of “winner take all,” the light beings, in a sense, compete with one another but in parallel fashion, each with their own enterprise and each with somewhat unique goals, perspectives, and wherewithal. Given that no two people are alike, there is no premium in matching or outdoing another when it is likely they only win out, so to speak, because of a natural endowment they enjoy but others have in lesser measure—that is not winning, that is simply being different, and confers no greater recognition or reward because those who do not match the same performance would outdo that being in another arena, another project that is a better match for their soul makeup and potentials. So in a sense, this is the ultimate expression of diversity, achieving a kind of equality where differences are assumed in which case they lose their significance and what matters is that people are using their abilities to best advantage and are diligent, resourceful, and committed to learning and growth and contributing to progress with a willingness to share, take turns if need be, and help one another at times, even if it delays one’s personal agenda—that is a divine way of living and expressing soul growth in the highest and best way.

You will not see an Olympic competitor miss a starting time of a match in competition because they stop to help a little old lady who needed someone to give her assistance, but such things happen all the time with light beings. Although there are not similar competitions, in a sense everyone is in earnest wanting to get somewhere with many goals in mind and a fervent desire to advance, so it is always a sacrifice in a sense to stop what one is doing to help another, but yet it is routine and always a loving gesture of cooperation which is exalted and shows one of the differences between the light being and the physical human in their priorities.