DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsLeo Buscaglia said, “A life lived in love will never be dull.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

The most important way this is experienced as a profound truth is the central role of love as a measure of attainment because no matter what attribute that is positive that can be used as a description for one’s standing, one’s achievements, one’s station in life, love will have everything to do with it—how it came to be, how it is maintained, and how it grows over time. It is those who learn to love and use love as a force for good who will be the most effective, the most successful, and the happiest among you. Giving and receiving love are never dull, because they are done while in divine alignment, because they are impossible to do when one is not in alignment with the divine and the flow of love energy. After all, one is using Creator’s love when one is feeling it; whether giving or receiving, one is tuning into it, recognizing it for what it is, and employing it intentionally to bring about a change of some kind.

In order to do so, one must be engaged, one must care, and have some kind of investment in the enterprise because these are always self-chosen acts. They might be done in a professional setting, a job situation, or carrying out even an unpleasant duty of some kind, but at least somewhere in the background will be a loving impulse to honor the activity and what it represents, in a deeper sense, if not an immediate source of delight. Even a soldier called to duty may well have a strong love of country, or at least feel they are honoring and helping their loved ones through their service, even as their military duties will likely be onerous and repetitive, and often dull, but that is countered to some extent because there is a deeper loving concern for something somewhere that helps to make it all worthwhile. Even when love is difficult, as in a stormy relationship, it is that very importance of love itself that makes the relationship represent a high-stakes endeavor. So when there is tension, disagreement, and discord, it becomes serious in a hurry because one truly needs love to be restored, and any threat to that is quite painful and quite alarming, and certainly never dull.

This is why love is universal and a good measure of almost anything. Even at polar opposites, there is a strict correlation to love and its expression and availability. When one is happy, when one is joyous and blissful, the love quotient is high, love is abundant, and will be visibly apparent in what is taking place. Whereas the extremes of despair, loneliness, and humiliation will be devoid of love, and love will not only feel distant but almost impossible to envision under such circumstances, but that represents truly a love deficit that needs correcting. That, too, will not be dull, it might, in fact, be the most difficult and demanding challenge one can take on if one reaches a low point where they are ready to give up and surrender. That is often a turning point for the better, and that act of letting go, in fact, is what can allow the divine to start sending love in and raise hopes ever so little to get things started, and none of this is dull, either. The reawakening of love, or finding love at long last when kept out of reach by life circumstances, is the greatest of awakenings and certainly the antidote to a dull routine.