DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsMatt McCormick wrote, “Research shows remarkable relationships between brain tumors and brain chemistry, on the one hand, and bizarre thoughts or behaviors, on the other. In one patient the onset of hypersexuality, obsession with pornography, and pedophilia paralleled the growth of a tumor in his right orbitofrontal lobe. When the tumor was removed, his urges lapsed. When the tumor grew back, his pedophilia returned.” What can Creator tell us about this tumor-to-behavior relationship?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Here is another experiment of nature which has a materialist explanation that is incomplete because the workings of the mind are still poorly understood, as well as the consciousness that generates thought. The phenomenon in question here is actually the triggering of cellular consciousness, that is a local consciousness, as a working mechanism of brain tissue and its cellular makeup, and it has a memory component. It is a fairly limited and primitive repository, but tends to have content that is impactful and has a striking characteristic, and that is why space is given to it to store it locally rather than the deep recesses of the memory bank which is outside the body altogether.

This is why the stimulation of particular brain cells can bring up memories, and reproducibly so, if the same cells of the brain are triggered repeatedly. This does not mean all memory is within the brain, it is simply a subset of consciousness of a local level that has practical utility, being close at hand, and particularly for things that have a repetitive nature where a response or a stimulus has been learned and reinforced, and therefore experienced over and over again so it can be triggered rapidly on demand. And this can include things of a fairly complex nature as well, all of which assists many complex functions being done on the fly, so to speak, and the many corresponding independently coordinated thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and even physical movements involving many nerves and muscles at widely disparate locations of the body, as in doing gymnastics or other athletic feats, or musical performance at a keyboard, and in this case, sexual feelings.

So the fact that perturbing any particular location of the brain can cause the elicitation of images and perceptions, and fragments of thought and desires, is a direct demonstration of cellular consciousness that is a kind of local repository and reference for easy display, much like a built-in video recorder within a television that can store some highly prized content locally, so it is readily available to repeat on request without having to go through more complicated maneuvers to get the information from the broadcast network beyond the television set itself. So the existence of these phenomena does not prove the contention that the brain is the be-all and end-all of consciousness, only that consciousness is more profound and has both local and distant origins and effects, not to mention the fact all of that complexity and intricate nature adds to the overwhelming evidence against a materialist view, that all of this fancy footwork, so to speak, arose across time as a consequence of matter and energy acting randomly.