DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceMy client is asking me for guidance as she is wanting to do more than just psychic readings for people. Is she a good candidate for being a Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioner? Is she capable of doing subconscious channeling?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

The answer is “yes” to both. The main issue here is her willingness to restrict herself and be fastidious in carrying out the Protocol as instructed, and not be tempted to vary things by inserting herself more directly in the energy of what is taking place. This is a natural pitfall for many intuitives, and especially healers who want to jump in and make things happen and, in fact, often feel that is going to be essential to the success of the enterprise and are only wanting things to work. So it is not just ego that causes overinvolvement that can end up backfiring, this is a frequent problem of many who go down this path, so do not read this as a harsh criticism directing you away from further support. It is the opposite—it is only to help you understand where she is coming from and be in a position to guide her appropriately to not fall into this pitfall and develop bad habits as a consequence in tolerating less than desirable behavior and choices. She can channel. She needs coaching and this you can provide. That, in fact, is the main reason she is being drawn to you. She can be your first acolyte on that path if she will take an interest and agree to work on this with your help. This will provide her with an opportunity to be right on the front lines of profound healing and little can be more satisfying, especially to a lightworker, as a way to spend one’s time, so we are giving you a big green light here to follow‑up accordingly as you choose.