DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaMy client [name withheld] asks: “Why am I doing worse instead of better? Does my higher self want to get better? I do so much to get better, nothing helps. Is it the incoming energies? Is there something else that could give me some peace?” What can we say to her?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This simply needs more time. It is frustrating, and we understand this. It is doubly difficult when there is true emotional pain or physical pain being withstood in order to cope. This will ease with time. She needs to stand strong here and hold on because relief will be coming. It will be some time yet, but she will be able to manage, and it will be well worth working through this as there really is no other alternative. As you know, karma must be reckoned with even when it is imposed by an outside influence, as is the case here. To not deal with this now, risks having it become much worse later. We understand this might seem to be a small comfort, but in practical terms, is highly significant because she would not want to go through a more severe experiencing of the negativity awaiting sufficient healing to render it no longer noticeable. The healing you have launched is up to the task and will be having effects. It is a combination of all she has done and others assisting her as well, but the right tool is being used finally, and is what will make the difference.