DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaMy client [name withheld] was given an intuitive awareness that there is an instruction to cause most humans to struggle financially, that appears to be encoded within the DNA, and that there may be multiple such codes needing deactivation. She has envisioned herself at a console putting her hands in proper position to start deactivation of the codes. Are these intuitive impressions correct? Can you help us understand this better and what we can best do to heal it?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

As you saw intuitively, this is an accurate intuitive impression that there has been alteration of her makeup, including changes to the DNA, but largely on the interdimensional aspect of DNA as an expression of karmic energy coming from other lifetime circumstances, and this indeed is impairing her ability to make headway financially in life. The answer here is to do a karmic repair which can be done by divine realm via the Lightworker Healing Protocol. What she was shown was to reflect the fact this is healable and requires a hands-on resetting of things to correct the defect put in place by the faulty DNA present. The assumption this has a wider application and impact to most individuals is a mixing of intuitive information.

The specific change for her was due to specific past history and it is also true that a very high percentage of human beings have many distortions due to negative karma relating to financial abundance and its lack because of the long, long history of human suppression and subjugation over and over again—to keep people impoverished, to keep people struggling to make a living. And the introduction of many uncertainties and threats to existence that have besieged humanity over and over again in the form of natural disasters, plagues of all kinds, droughts and crop failures, infestations of harmful organisms to contaminate food and prevent a normal harvest, wars and manipulations to the financial systems of the day to cause losses in value of existing currency, and upheavals of all kinds within society and the personal problems of emotional and physical health and interpersonal relationships manipulated and corrupted, exposure to addictive substances, and on and on. All leave karmic woundings that can continue to be carried forward in life after life. So this is largely due to manipulation of people by the Extraterrestrial Alliance and does leave a mark both within the akashic records as well as the ancestral genetic complement passed on from forebears.

So it is quite true there are many alterations in people that result in severe wholesale struggle with life for many reasons through inborn inefficiency, lack of focus, emotional instability, and so on, all of which undermine the person and reduce their chances of becoming successful and have a stable, productive life necessary to having gainful employment and establishing financial security. But there is not one specific thing designed to create this. This is seeing the broad landscape that almost all are wounded again and again by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to complicate matters and undermine people in ways to keep them struggling to stay afloat because of the variety of inputs and circumstances and their individual responses. All need individual healing to address the karmic fallout and its long-term impact, so what is truly needed is karmic repair to see to the details and individual circumstances rather than to have a single change in something that can bring about a universal solution.

The fact that she saw there were multiple faulty codings was true in the sense that there are multiple events and circumstances underlying her situation and the financial struggle it causes, so there will need to be multiple points of intervention and resolution to restore things. This was her higher self communicating intuitively to give her encouragement and to see this was a deep problem but yet one that could be managed through wanting changes to happen and taking steps to see to this. This will be worked on through the Lightworker Healing Protocol in its new advanced form to provide ongoing healing session, as multiple rounds of healing will be needed to chip away at the backlog of circumstances converging on this issue and holding it in place.