DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolMy client [name withheld] writes that his grandmother stopped having night terrors after our Remote Spirit Releasement work, but started having them during the day while napping. Can you help us understand what happened and what we can do now to further help?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

As you are seeing intuitively, this is a mix of things happening. She was benefited by your Protocol session and that is why her nights have remained undisturbed. When she naps however, she is going into a state of relative quiet during the day when she is most worked up by inner struggles with things weighing on her, and it is her concerns of the moment, her fears being worked on by the subconscious, bringing in negativity from the akashic records that stirs things up now. And the response, having been preconditioned by a long period of spirit torment, has primed her to over-react emotionally. When her mind is turning over problems and unable to cope with them effectively, it is much like PTSD, that there will be a quite rapid escalation of emotion in response to a trigger, where the person will go into a high-alert mode and then may have a panic attack. This is sort of the sleep equivalent of a panic attack, and happens more selectively, during a nap interval, than would be the case during the waking state. And that is because of the relative helplessness of the subconscious during sleep to make decisions and devise strategies to cope with the situation.

This is what the conscious self supplies, the mature oversight of a responsible adult taking charge and helping to keep things in perspective, so there is not a problem of things getting out of hand and the pot boiling over, so to speak. This is simply showing she needs emotional healing work and that would be the way to tame this. In the meantime, it is not something to be feared as being caused by spirit interference, so she is not in danger from external sources, only from herself. We will send her further healing as you have requested this, to help in ways to dial this back a bit so the intensity can lessen.