DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial SpiritsMy client said the Israeli healer claiming to work with Archangel Michael who does sessions for her son is trying to “merge him.” She thinks this is to merge his soul with his body, claiming it will keep him safe. Is what the healer doing ineffectual, or dangerous?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Unfortunately, it is both. This is misguided because he is corrupt and being encouraged to draw his clients into a dark web of involvement with interlopers working through him using him as a magnet to curry favor with human clients, gain their trust, but then connect them energetically with false energies he has been convinced are the answer for his clients, when in fact it is a kind of entanglement energetically with the darkness to create problems within the deep subconscious via programming. So this is a most unfortunate situation because this client has developed trust and is very dependent as well on his trusted helper, so this is a quite delicate matter now to wean him away and be diplomatic that he is not traumatized in the bargain. This will best be left in the hands of the mother to see to. She is closest to him and the only person who can address the issue with whom he has prior involvement and confidence.

This healer is not aware of his corruption which is almost universally the case. All would-be healers and helpers believe in what they do because they are wanting to be of assistance, they are humanitarians, they are spiritually motivated but many are not in spiritual alignment any longer because they are not becoming involved with divine level beings, but rather imposters who are interlopers seeking to sideline them, to draw them in a web of deceit, to promote false teachings, false strategies, and false connections that will leave their clients underserved or worse—as in this case when there will be an active attempt to reel this young man in and attack him directly. It is one thing to simply convey empty promises of sweetness and light and yet another to subvert the mind and functioning of a human being under the guise of doing healing work that is purported to be divine.

This can all be undone and healed but is obviously important to wean him away from his dependency on this false source of assistance otherwise it is like a tennis match where each volley must be met with further healing to undo the false healing manipulation. That is not very practical and will take a toll as well because it furthers the dependency and the difficulty of creating a separation and a redirection into pursuits that will be of value and will help him to progress.