DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit PossessionMy client says his life overall is generally okay, but has felt his entire life that he has had a force sabotaging him, and has become a “dramatic underachiever.” What is going on?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Fortunately, this perturbation that happens from time to time at a key moment undermining things and causing him to take the wrong fork in the road is due to spirit manipulation by spirit meddlers and not a dark influence from extraterrestrials or extraterrestrial spirits, directly. As you know, those interlopers do influence humanity as a whole in many, many, ways but he is not a high-level target being visited at regular intervals to attack him and see he is sidelined. But spirit possession from infancy actually has been a companion and enough of a negative influence to have a significant impact on his life journey, as is true for most people with spirit attachments. The effects might be dramatic or subtle, but even a subtle influence over time can cause a person to change direction and that will have lifelong consequences. It is never too late to clear out such negativity and now that he is receiving assistance with this, it will open up new options for him. At least he will not be at risk of setbacks that are malevolent in motivation and insidious, being of evil intent, from spirit beings that cannot be seen visibly and represent a significant handicap for many.