DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaMy client wants to know if there is a karmic issue behind the lack of action by her representative in negotiating a property sale, and the best way to help the situation. What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

There is a karmic reason for the delays, but this is not your karma, it is hers. The best suggestion we can make is to have some healing sent to her for the purpose of improving things. This must come from the human side, and the most efficient and thorough way to do so would be to have your channel do a remote healing for her and this issue.

There is no guarantee ever in attempting repair of human difficulties, and the reason is they maintain control over things quite directly with their energy. So any remote work must have some inner cooperation take place for it to be allowed and implemented, even with permission of the higher self which is always obtained except in extreme circumstances. Unless there is a compelling reason to maintain difficulty for a karmic payback, for instance, the issue of healing will always be permitted. This does not override the conscious desire and the deep subconscious and its fears in every case. So that is what you are up against here. This is the broad picture and the best you can do is to direct some healing energy at this and see if that helps with a breakup of the logjam, so to speak.