DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)A practitioner asks: “In light of the new Protocol version, how many sessions will it take us to reach the entire Mercenary Army Program members, how effective are my current Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions and what can you recommend in order to improve my effectiveness as a LHP practitioner?”
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

You are doing just fine in your utilization of the Protocol. Your energy is good, your focus and intention are keen, and the desire is ample to have power behind your requests. That is all one can ask of oneself, to be focused, to be sincere, and be in it with the client, in the sense of devoting one’s energy to the task in a conscientious fashion. Those are wonderful ingredients to make the most of any outreach to the divine realm.

The problem of those in the Mercenary Army Program is quite a deep one and will take extensive work to make inroads. Each request you make for the group will reach all involved, including those in the hierarchy running things among the extraterrestrials, as well as human collaborators and overseers. The problem is, even with repeat sessions granted with the design of the advanced Protocol, there will be a need for many such outings to increase the overall energy of intensity to achieve an eventual turning of the tide here. We do not want to discourage you in any way, but to honor your sincere question with a direct answer. But, by the same token, this is not meant for you to overinterpret it either as being fainthearted praise or a signal in some way there is only a faint hope. The opposite is the case. You and your compatriots working alongside can win the battle you if you keep at the task.

Even with the new Protocol version being done on a repetitive basis, again and again and again as requested, each of those individual sessions has only the energy of a single launching to draw upon. When you do a repeated session for the same targets, the energy of the second session is added to the first, and so with each repetition by you to launch a new session, it is added to all of the ongoing prior Protocol session repetitions that were requested. This is how the problem can be surmounted, because you and others as well, doing similar requests will have their work grow in its impact through the added energies, with repetition of the requests on your part adding to all of those going on behind the scenes on autopilot, so to speak.

If you consider the fact that the whole of humanity, even with human healers stepping up and word spreading to increase the ranks to have a concerted effort by many requesting healing for humanity and all of the negative influences, this may well take two generations to accomplish totally. While you are asking only for a subset of humanity, it is still over 1 million people and that is only humans and not the extraterrestrial and spirit involvement, and they are among the most severely impaired karmically. They may be functioning physically and even emotionally in an adequate way, but karmically the are at risk of worsening circumstances, and this will happen inevitably at some point unless healing is done. So in a sense, these are difficult subjects whose needs are demanding and run quite deep.

Most members of this group have been involved before in other lifetimes as well, so the karmic history traces back through multiple blocks of time, each with many, many, negative experiences and episodes of trauma, as well as the causing of difficulty forced upon them by the rigors of their training circumstances, and the toughening up that is done, and the raising of the threshold in the demands, and their severity and dark nature, to weed out those who cannot be controlled and made to suspend their morality in service to their cause. The fact that most of those involved have little or no awareness of these long periods of time is a blessing, because it also shields the subconscious to some degree from worry. But this does not mean they are safe and won’t have difficulty over time.

Eventually, things work their way out into the awareness of the subconscious and it does not take too much to trigger a hunt through the akashic records to understand something that raises an alarm, and eventually the truth starts to emerge, at least within the deep levels of the mind. The programming done to maintain secrecy will typically contain this, as far as memories floating to the conscious awareness, but will not block the emotional turmoil that results. So any healing work is a blessing and will head off worse difficulties for the individual, and is always important to do. So your contributions are very timely and important for the cause of the light. This group, in particular, may well be instrumental in the future or non-future of humanity. So healing efforts directed at them, first and foremost, are highly appropriate.