DWQA QuestionsCategory: Physical UniverseOn a quantum level, science supports the fact that all the seeming matter consists of subatomic particles that flash in and out of existence every 1×10-23 seconds as part of the Zero Point Field. Is this so? Does consciousness create the force providing a template for organizing these subatomic constituents to group together and take on a consistent physical appearance to make a rock, a particular plant, or a physical human body?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

You are zeroing in on the inner truth of things quite beautifully. It indeed is the case that the Zero Point Field gives rise to all that is perceived as matter. It arises from energy, but it is the consolidation of energy into shape and form with increased density that constitutes physical particles and their properties. It is not that it loses its essence, which is always energy, and all of conventional physics is now aware this is so. There is no true particle—it is always energy in a certain configuration.

What distinguishes raw energy in a random pool is the imposition of some kind of external force to shepherd it into configuration and to change its characteristics so that it will take on a macro function through a large aggregation of energy to become something discernible to the eye that has a name and predictable properties and is of consequence in the realm of human experience.

There are many things going on in the universe outside your awareness entirely, and while those hold fascinations, they are of lesser importance to you for the most part because you are in a particular dimension and it is your interaction with that environment that determines what is most essential for you to understand, because you bump into it directly.

So, the organization of energy into the varying objects, including living things, is very much the imposition of consciousness to make it so. This is akin to the concept of morphogenetic field and you have now identified the source of energy that constitutes the so-called morphogenetic field. It is a field of consciousness. It is a template of instructions and information that will govern where the energies go and what they do. This will give rise to all the characteristics of a particular object in the physical universe. It is consciousness that determines what things truly are, what they look like and every other aspect of their characteristics physically and energetically. This is also why everything, including seemingly inanimate objects, nonetheless have consciousness— it is because they come from consciousness.

So, something that impinges on the consciousness originating their form can influence what they do and how they interact with the rest of the so-called physical universe as a whole. There may be chemical interactions, there may be physical interactions, there may be changes over time with the impinging of other types of forces, whether mechanical, electromagnetic, or changes in the environment like temperature, or fluxes of intense radiation, and so on, that may cause degradation or transformation in some way from liquid to solid, from intact versus fragmented, and so on.

There is much more to learn here as you are pondering in the moment, so we will be available to help you with what you need to know. This is a beautiful beginning to begin an integration of perspectives to tie in disparate theories and fields of endeavor—much in the same way as the unified field theory attempts to integrate the various forces in nature to determine their mathematical inter-relationships. This is a clue there are interconnections in the ideas.