DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19One of the major tasks of the Lightworker Healing Protocol is the removal of dark spirit attachments. We are hearing stories of people intentionally spitting and spreading possibly infected bodily fluids in public places. Is this largely a result of dark spirit attachment influence? Does the Extraterrestrial Alliance “encourage” this behavior as well? How can the Lightworker Healing Protocol help to deal with this problem?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

All of these things are true. As with all bad conduct, such as criminal behavior and much human negativity, there is an inner inspiration through programming from dark, demonic beings attached to humans and hectoring them deep within their mind below conscious awareness. This can corrupt the being to a large degree and even tip the balance to engage in acts of depravity and criminal conduct of all kinds if a person is vulnerable enough. When you see people acting in a way that is harmful to others, there is always a deeper corruption that can be traced back to influence from the dark spirit cohort and/or the Extraterrestrial Alliance—the Extraterrestrial Cabal that controls the Earth from behind the scenes through human minions they program and manipulate. They also commandeer dark spirits and command them to carry out campaigns of destruction from within the minds of people to foment conflicts and strife at multiple levels of society. The behavior you describe is a perfect example of personal depravity inspired by dark beings working against love and light. Such individuals need to be rescued from the corruptive influence and that can be done through using the Lightworker Healing Protocol to remove the offending spirit attachments and begin to repair the negative beliefs instilled in them to inspire such twisted thinking.