DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolShe also asks: “A psychic medium told me I have a soulmate who was in battles or conflicts in past lives; did he accumulate lots of karma because of these events? Was he involved in the MAP? Will my LHP work help?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

The individual in question is, indeed, special to you and has had some dark innings with incarnations when he was swept into participating in warfare because this is what befell the population in those times. This has been true for most people at one time or another because history records the harsh circumstances of life coming again and again and again, and with the rise and fall of civilizations there has been much carnage, often at the hands of humans harming one another. This is a favorite tactic and strategy of the interlopers, to use humans as a minion, a kind of puppet, to carry out misdeeds at their behest. This always causes a karmic consequence for those manipulated in this way. Despite the fact it is a manipulation, there is nonetheless an assignment of responsibility because they were there and they participated. This may seem harsh but it can be no other way. It is a mitigating factor, however, so all is not lost here because there is always a way to heal one’s karma, even when one indulges in selfish interests in harming others out of their own ego, and are blind in the moment to their suffering, there is always a way to heal and repair what has happened.

He was not involved with the Mercenary Army Program, so that is a blessing because such individuals are called upon frequently to be involved in some of the darkest doings possible and so there are extra burdens as a consequence karmically. Your LHP work is the perfect answer to help him recover from this karmic backlog. This is what everyone suffers from, whether incarnated at the moment or still in the light awaiting a relaunch in a future incarnation, and this is the remaining burden once the interlopers are induced to leave, standing in the way of an ascension of humanity so you can truly reach the goal of Creator’s Plan to have a much wider range of activities and scope of influence in the universe. Anything you do with the Lightworker Healing Protocol will be participating in this grand exercise and will add to achieving the loftiest goals imaginable.