DWQA QuestionsCategory: Higher SelfShe also asks: “Lastly, I have been asking most clients’ higher self if I can engage with their guides and Creator to assist them and most of them say yes immediately. I notice a small percentage that do not want to engage so I ask for protection. It seems to help me energetically but I find myself a bit confused as to how to relate. I ask Creator to help me bring relief to their physical bodies but my natural inclination is to experience a sense of communion and pray for them. However, I also respect their will and boundaries energetically. Would it be best to continue my work seeing them as Source whilst asking for protection, or is there a better way to handle the energy from someone who does not desire work at that level?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

If you are truly reaching the higher self of a person and getting a refusal to accept an invitation to work on them, that needs to be honored as a divine request as there will always be a good reason. Many times a karmic lesson might be in play that needs to remain undisturbed. Sometimes there is simply a mismatch, in terms of what you might be doing energetically, the higher self will see as being undesirable for a particular client and their current energetic makeup. Some energy manipulations can backfire under certain circumstances and the practitioner will not realize they are acting as a bull in a china shop, so to speak, with certain clients and certain situations, so it is wise to heed the injunction of the higher self to avoid any application of energy that could have a negative outcome.

In doing the Protocol work, even when implemented by Creator, permission will always be requested for each and every step of the Protocol from the higher self of the client, and that is always honored. It is part of the way things are constructed, that the higher self has the ultimate responsibility to safeguard the soul extension currently incarnated and it would be inappropriate to bypass that level of the soul to carry out manipulations unilaterally. In the case of the Protocol, there are always some things that can be done that will benefit the client even if some things might be off-limits and permission denied by the higher self to have them carried out. This is much less likely to be an option for a practitioner of another healing modality who asks for permission in getting a “yes” or “no” answer that might have to be “no” when it is only one aspect of the intended work that would be a violation because a more refined and detailed discussion is not being implemented, but this is simply a limitation of the communication possible and one can only do the best one can under the difficult circumstances of disconnection.