DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)She continues: “Then I checked on his siblings, a big Irish Catholic family. Anyway, from what I can tell, his oldest brother and his youngest sister are both MAP as well.” Is she correct about these siblings’ MAP involvement? Are there others who have MAP involvement?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

She is correct about who is involved and who is not. People are selected for particular reasons, in part it is prior history in other lifetimes and the two connections become intertwined, people reincarnating together because they are in the soul group and people serving in the MAP together because they are incarnated within the same generation and may be drawn into this duty and find themselves working side-by-side in the MAP. There is no need to commandeer an entire family, and this would not be desirable either because the extraterrestrials have learned that human bonds can be quite strong and the essence of the training they apply is to strip a person of their humanity to an extreme degree, so they serve the Extraterrestrial Alliance without question and without humanitarian concerns of any kind. In that setting, love bonds are not only discouraged but harshly punished. The situation you describe for this family grouping is bad enough with three of this generation all being involved. Fortunately, you can do much to heal them working on them together as a group, and it will be a true blessing to do so.