DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)She continues: “I am hoping I am wrong, which is why I hope you can verify for me at some point. I’ve even gotten some times of service. From what I can tell, he was called up between the time his mother died of cancer when he was 20 and the time we met when we were 25. He had NO interest in a relationship with ANYONE, and I thought it was his grief at his mother’s passing, and he didn’t want to love anyone ever again. We married in 1993 and he’s been called up again since then. We’re both 61, and as I understand it, MAP can call them up no matter how old they are.” Is this true about his MAP tours?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

There is some inaccuracy here. Being called up is not necessarily always for a 20-year tour. There are check-ins and evaluations done occasionally on people to monitor their current status and perspectives, and for extensive testing. Is useful for them to be abducted for a period of time and to receive some retraining for potential future value to keep them in fighting trim, so to speak. And so that is a much lesser disruption than with an extensive period of time, but he is and remains vulnerable to recall at any moment because this can be done at the whim of the Extraterrestrial Alliance. The benefit of doing a healing is to decrease his priority status in the way they have him registered so a call-up will be less and less likely to occur, and inspections and evaluations as well, so that eventually he and his siblings are dropped from the active roster for consideration with respect to active duty. The longer he can receive healing without having a further direct involvement to rework his programming and beliefs, the better.