DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlShe says she often ends up crying when she prays and is afraid of Creator backing off. What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

The tears are an emotional release. After all, that is why she prays, to be close to God and to feel relief from all that represents to her—a safe haven, a source of healing, and a true companion during the many chapters of her existence. Her emotions are not a failing, they are normal, and it is more of a circumstance of the way she governs her energies, that prayer, for her, being an elevation that enables her to relax and let go, this is also releasing the constraints on pent up emotion and then it comes tumbling out. This will not hurt her relationship with us because we understand all that is there needing to be healed, finally, and emotions are created all along the way as her life proceeds and will need an outlet. She need not worry about this interfering with her ability to connect to us and maintain the partnership she has. All she needs to do is to allow any venting that becomes necessary, without fear it will be a detriment or a liability, because she can always turn her thoughts to the work at hand and continue the communication, and we will be there with her always, ready and willing to work on the next step. We are always listening, we are always allowing, and we are always forgiving. This she knows but somehow doubts herself. As she works on healing this, it will help her in many ways across the board in coping with the stress and strain of her life.