DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietySome have asserted that a fascist government, is one that has been co-opted by corporate elites, such that whole governments become de facto extensions of corporate empires, and serve the interest of the corporations over those of the people. Many fear that this is the precise fate that awaits the United States (and perhaps the world). What is Creator’s perspective on this?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

Once again you are looking at the surface of things and not the true nature. When fascism is a consequence of corporate powers growing to a large enough aggregate to flex such muscles and be in a position to dictate to society through the governance in place, the problem lies not with the economic structure and its nature but the fact that the world has been corrupted by evil and that evil is what created the powerful elites, the corporate titans who can tell the governments what to do. That is a distortion that is engineered and orchestrated to happen by unnatural means chiefly through mind control manipulation to make many people complacent, to render some people ineffectual or incapacitated, and to favor those who are useful minions to support the hierarchy in power and enforce its desires.

Here again is the illusion of freedom when successful entities in the private sector become a dominant force in society by their sheer economic power and influence in establishing the rules of society via the government they can manipulate indirectly, largely through corrupting them with money. Such eventualities are not seen as a threat until it is too late; such organizations are admired and even envied for their massive accumulation of wealth and the power it brings to them, but what people do not realize is there is a war being conducted against them by the interlopers to play favorites in the commercial sector so some companies become big winners to grow in influence and size and crowd out their competition to be so dominant they, in effect, take over. This is warfare in its consequences; although done without bullets and bombs, it is nevertheless as effective in creating a dominant position that can result in the weak being crushed, where the winners are few and the losers are many, just as happens in a military conflict. What lies behind both a shooting war and an economic war of competition is the hunger of an evil hierarchy wanting to have everyone’s lunch to eat for itself. These problems will arise again and again until this deep source of evil is dealt with.