DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorSource Creator, You said that periodically Creators from other universes meet to consult with each other about all kind of topics. Do you also assist each other when a Creator happens to face an exceptionally difficult situation to solve? If so, what are your rules of engagement in assisting each other and whether humanity can receive additional healing from other Creators and their light being cohort?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

In a strict sense, the dilemma of humanity is our creation and a consequence of our setting this in motion. You are all participating in this directly with your own energy so it is, in a real sense, a shared responsibility. You can be sure we are availing ourselves of all sources of wisdom in what we do through creating the various layers of existence throughout creation and the various energetic dimensions, including the physical universe. We do consultations on a regular basis with other high-level beings but it is not appropriate to involve them directly in running or changing things within our domain. But you can rest assured we employ all the wisdom and good ideas gleaned from others to help make this universe the best it can be, given that it is a process of unfoldment and will be changing over time, working from a very simple beginning to a much more complex array of manifestations in which there is also a high degree of uncertainty and the possibility of things not working and drifting off-track through complications, such as the possibility of evil gaining power and even supremacy if not checked.

This is the contest undergoing and it is a logical extension of the creation and would be true for any Creator, so this is a well-understood problem at our level. The variable in play here is the ability of human to meet the challenge and do what is required to overcome it. We can do so quite readily so it is not a question of us being underpowered or faulty in some way, it is a question of whether human is powerful enough and appreciates the power they hold and will act on it in a timely fashion. So if there is a flaw, it is a flaw in the created human, not in the overall scheme of life and its possibilities—time will tell.