DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsStan Meyer produced a vehicle he claimed was powered by extracting hydrogen and oxygen from water to use as fuel. Was Stan’s water vehicle REAL? Who orchestrated his death? Does he need a Spirit Rescue?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This vehicle was real, the technology was real, the perceived approach and the end product in being able to create free hydrogen and oxygen from water used as fuel have all been demonstrated by him and indeed hold the promise he promoted as representing a cleaner source of energy, and it is sadly the case that this made him a person of suspicion, and this led to a confrontation and his death at the hands of the Cabal. They have done similar things, time and time again, to discredit, to distract, to discourage, or to eliminate all who get close to the possibility of creating an almost unlimited supply of energy at little cost per capita.

This individual was assassinated for his vision and his pointing towards the advent of a greatly improved energy source for transportation that threatened the oil industry, which has been a part of the major funding for the Cabal for many, many years and they have grown complacent and greedy in counting on this as a never-ending wealth creator. Anyone promoting an alternative is a direct threat to their pocketbook and will not be tolerated. This has happened time and again with such innovators, they simply are removed and campaigns mounted to discredit them and to suppress mention in the media, in the first instance, so these things rarely come to light, and there will always be a disinformation campaign launched to make people falsely assume that there was nothing to it after all, that it was hype, that it was a distortion to begin with, and a kind of lie —only a con artist promising the moon and couldn’t deliver, and left the scene from embarrassment, and happened to have an accident, or some other misfortune, perhaps because of the humiliating defeat, etc. And so, the lie continues that such ideas have no merit and no future when, in fact, the opposite is the case. Unfortunately, Stan Meyer does need a Spirit Rescue. He was singled out for extra punishment, and this was seen to by the spirit Cabal in collusion with the Extraterrestrial Alliance.