DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionThe Centers for Disease Control reported that suicides are up 30% in the last two decades. Why is this so and what can be done to change the trend?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

The reason for this is very much sinister. It is not the problems of society, per se. It is not economics, or cultural problems that lead to greater mental illness. It is orchestrated to happen, through a combination of forces undermining people from within to drag them down, to make them more vulnerable, and to encourage the idea of surrender as a form of rescue for their plight, and help them escape the dire situation they perceive as unending and unendurable. The forces promoting this are both the dark spirits, who are, in turn, directed by extraterrestrial spirits to promote these ideas. In addition, there is much subconscious programming being done via mind control manipulation through electromagnetic energies present in all forms of electronic media as a contaminant, as well as direct psychic intrusion into the minds at a deep level that is not perceived consciously. This is done to create inner conflict within many individuals and to plant seeds to corrupt their beliefs and to grow the notion that things may be hopeless, and there is nothing that can be done.

The fact that one of the major goals of the mind control manipulation is to instill complacency does not mean it is done totally with the aim of making everyone think things are wonderful. It is as much to discourage those who aren’t happy, to believe nothing better is possible. That is a not only cynical, but in this case dastardly, criminal programming to worsen people and make them move downward into a place of torment and eventual resignation. It is very much a goal of the Extraterrestrial Alliance, working actively against humanity, to encourage suicide as a way to cull out the vulnerable and the weak, and thereby lower the population.

This will make their job easier in moving towards removing the entirety of humanity. Their main strategy is to use humans for this, to use as many ways as possible to have death by human hands, either of the self or others, done for a cause or to create turmoil and chaos, and pit one against another attempting to survive, and then humans will be the ones at risk. In addition, as you know, there is a quite large mercenary army disguised as the Secret Space Program who have high-level training with mind control subjugation, to prepare them as a trained killing force that can be tasked with any job, including the killing of men, women, and children who are otherwise innocent of any wrongdoing. But the killing is done in a mindless way, without thought about meaning, or context, or consequences. There is always a cover story to make it plausible in some way but in the absence of discernment and judgment. That makes the humans in this organization essentially robotic and divorced from their own morality, as well as common sense. This not only can wreak havoc, it will greatly damage the souls of all involved, both perpetrator and victim.