DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialThe fact of eternal life implies no beginning and no ending, it also seems to imply no origin, for if we had an origin or Creator, who created Creator’s Creator, and then who created that Creator, ad infinitum? So it seems at the end of the day, that the fact of existence simply has to be accepted as self-evident. What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

We have a broader view and a deeper understanding than you at present. You are further hampered being in the physical and not in your light being mode where you have a deeper memory and awareness of much that has transpired even before existence of the current universe as many of you were in existence then already. So much has happened since your individual creation that is attributable to us. In a sense, you are an offshoot of us, this is why we call you “extensions of our consciousness,” you are immortal because we are immortal, and thus you have much of our makeup as your heritage and this you can count on going forward. This is quite a blessing but the rub is: “How will you spend your time and how rewarding will it be, and how much of your time and energy and efforts will be involved with things that are pleasurable and rewarding, and how much might represent lesser experiences, even times of suffering?” Your perceptions are greatly influenced by the reality of your current existence being in a very limited physical mode of expression as physical humans. That belies your divine origins and your divine level capabilities for the most part because you are quite disconnected from the higher states of functioning of which you are capable when you are in the light and in touch with all your faculties.

So we understand your desire to get some input about what this all means, in particular this idea of eternity, especially as the prospect of death after a far too short seeming lifetime, eventually catches up with everyone; but this is actually an illusion, there is no death for you. As we have told you before, there is only birth and rebirth within the reincarnation paradigm that is ongoing. You choose whether to return in a new incarnation or stay in the light or go somewhere else. This is a world of volunteers, it is rough duty, and that is why things are so uneven and fraught with difficulty, challenges, and setbacks. Just being in a state of ignorance is a tremendous departure from the rewards of divine existence and awareness and puts you at a tremendous disadvantage; it causes doubt to creep in and with it, a ramping up of uncertainty and fear, all of which will be limiting and will be a drain on your resources.

So we can reassure you that the grand scheme, in a sense, does not matter because you are already part of it, and that will not change—you are inexhaustible; you are inextinguishable; you are perpetual. Who you are and where you are will be largely of your choosing and it will be at once a positive beneficial choice for you personally as well as all who you are connected to, including us and the large human family of beings you are a part of. So this reality is the backdrop of everything that happens and explains why, in reality, there are no serious problems. It is because of your bias in seeing people die and seemingly leave forever that you fear what might happen to you as a physical being, including the consequences of aging and death of the body; that is the bias of your physical limitation and limited perspective but not a true depiction of your potential and your destiny. Things are far more wonderful and rewarding than you can envision at present. Much does depend on you and how you handle yourselves with your current enterprise as to how that future will be shaped and whether the rewards come sooner rather than later. That is not a trivial distinction but it does not involve life and death per se, it only influences where you are and what you will be capable of doing. You will learn much more about this as we go along with all that is unfolding currently in your world.