DWQA QuestionsCategory: Physical UniverseThe Greek philosopher Plato, who narrated to us the Atlantean history and its fall, also described the existence of an astronomical cycle of approximately 26,000 years, which he called “the Great Year,” in reference to the complete cycle of precession of the equinoxes. You marked for us the fall of Atlantis approximately 26,000 years ago. Does karma distribute its energies to the rhythm of astronomical cycles and are we at the dawn of the great anniversary of the fall of the Atlantis, and maybe the project GetWisdom existed long ago, with the same actors, and the same mission, trying to warn and save Humanity, one “Great Year” before, at the dawning of the fall?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is quite a pregnant question that does carry deep meaning. In some ways it is an overstatement in being a bit too literal. In other ways it still underserves and underappreciates the orchestration of energy in a systematic, orderly fashion, despite the seeming chaos of human doings and the possibility of perturbations created through consciousness directed in an arbitrary way into the universe which humans are doing willy-nilly all the time. There is a reason that humans are in a primitive lifeform—essentially a physical animal, even though they are divine. It is a safety mechanism to protect you from yourselves, so the damage will be somewhat limited, somewhat circumscribed. That is because you are in a learning mode and untested. This is no different than the wisdom of not allowing children to have weapons or engage in adult activities before they are seasoned, mature and truly ready—like driving a vehicle.

There is a process of learning and growth that is taking place. The broad outline described here in the movement of celestial bodies is a truism, that there is an interrelationship among the heavenly bodies throughout the universe locally, regionally, and as an entirety that has an energetic interconnection. It is because it is a tapestry, a fabric, a matrix of energy that goes everywhere and intersects with everything in existence, and that is why if you pull on one string it may affect many distant consequences, however slightly. There is a deeper meaning to this interrelationship and that is prefigured in the astute perception of the timing sequence of 26,000 corresponding roughly to the precession of the equinox. This is, indeed, an indication of a time-course that affects and is accompanied by a flow of energy influencing everything within its reach. This, in turn, changes the potential of energy existing in a locality and intended and utilized from moment to moment by local agents of consciousness such as living human beings or extraterrestrials wanting something to happen.

All are influenced by the broad energetic array to some degree. The local perturbations created from moment to moment are influenced in subtle ways from the broader plan and orchestration of the heavens underway. There is a cyclical nature to everything, and this is true of all of energy and its existence, and the confluence of energy and time, as well, being in motion as an energetic body in its own right and having a spiral configuration. That is intrinsic to the precession you speak of as well. It is a spiral travel through time and seeming space and is an example of the consequences of energy as created. This is a giant clockwork mechanism and is partly the explanation for why we have described karma as a clockwork mechanism. In part, because it is precise in its rendering of consequences, that there is a predictability to the creation of both good outcomes and bad, that their energies will not only persist and be recorded, but will influence other time domains as well—the past as well as the future through the looping of time, this spiraling of energy on a broad level. It is this 26,000-year progression of changes in energy and location and all encompassed by the sum total of energetics of everything in the universe taking place during that interval.

This is too much for a person to comprehend or hold in their thoughts, other than as a concept, but there is a purpose to the cyclical nature because it is part of the mathematics underpinning the actual construction of the universe itself. In order for there to be order to become disordered through poor choice, there must be a symmetry, there must be an organization and inherent within that idea is a mathematical construct to describe what that truly means, and also how it might be represented, and this is how such concepts can emerge in numbers applied to things, because there is a mathematical interrelationship in the precession of the equinox moving through time and the end consequence is an evolution of energetic consequence. Participating in this are the human being and the other forms of advanced life, at least with respect to conscious awareness, and who are part of the free-will enterprise carrying out their existence through choices from day to day, moment to moment, second to second, and on the other end of the spectrum increasing spans of time—month to month, year to year, century to century, millennium to millennium, and then to the great cycle—the 26,000-year cyclical progression.

It is in fact true that many present here today, including some participating in the GetWisdom enterprise, were present at the time of Atlantis, and engaged in a similar exercise to awaken their fellows to the dangers of extraterrestrial presence and the interrelationship with human society undertaken by their representatives who duped humanity into accepting them as allies and giving them power and authority. This is not inevitable. There are many potentials that become exhausted energetically and dissipate. Not all potentials are fully realized as the consequence of the energies of karma in this vast clockwork array of energetics, but some will be. Decision points of the magnitude of human existence, or annihilation, fall in the category of large-scale events and large-scale consequences. Nothing is mandated, but the law of karma left on its own will see to the cyclic reappearance of all manner of human and extraterrestrial doings, because it is designed for this to happen. That is why you see many cyclical phenomena throughout the universe, not only in the grander levels of organization, but even on the level of individual organisms and what they do, how they live and exhibit the life force within them with the choices available to them.

Human karma displays this very directly and amazingly, in the many examples even understood by your channeler, affecting people he has worked with and for, and seen their karmic cyclical struggle with the same dilemma, again and again, in a series of lifetimes with often the same players back again to return to the events leading to an intractable dilemma in a prior lifetime with the intention to heal it once and for all—but good intentions are not always enough. There must be awareness, insight, and a determination to return to a divine path if this has been thwarted or neglected in some way. That is the grand purpose for this cyclical arrangement. It contains within it limitless possibilities despite its seeming precise organization. That organization is only a framework. Within that framework there is broad latitude for many variations, many innovations, new initiatives, new possibilities that can expand the level of the universe in its complexity far beyond what has been conceived heretofore.

From Creator’s perspective, it is just getting going, even though there have been multiple universes that have come and gone. Many of you listening to these words have been here in other universes yourselves personally. That is yet another measure of the level of disconnection that people in existence have this pedigree and simply do not know this consciously. Your future is what you will make of it. We have given you the playground and the springboard for greatness. It is up to you to determine fully what will happen—but always remember, we are in it with you. You are never alone. Our love for you is unwavering. Our loyalty to you is unconditional and unlimited, this you can count on, but you must also count on yourselves to make your lives the best they can be and to use your time and energy wisely for advancement, and not degradation, or a complacent non-involvement at a critical juncture in human history. You do not want to be sitting somewhere in 26,000 years reflecting on the second great fall of humanity occurring first in Atlantis, and then again in the 21st Century, by current reckoning calendar-wise, and then wondering what will become of you at that future juncture when you may be again tested in an ultimate sense with everything at stake that you have worked for. You can decide the matter now and be done with the learning phase and move up to much greater heights. The ball is in your court. If you partner with us, we can make the team needed for the task be successful.