DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesThe medical procedure involving an injection in the neck to produce a stellate ganglion block has been reported to give 80% of patients relief from depression and suicidal thoughts. What is the mechanism of this efficacy? How does this compare to doing trauma resolution through the deep subconscious or karmic repair with the Lightworker Healing Protocol?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

In a sense, this is very much akin to an anesthesia with a blunting or a numbing effect. It is most similar to a local anesthetic that blocks pain within the cells and tissues fed by the nerves subjected to the pharmacologic agent administered. In this case, it is a kind of numbing of the connection with the body that prevents a stress response from taking place as a consequence of brain signaling, which normally can trigger the consequences of inner conflict being perceived through consciousness and then a host of neurologic responses within the central nervous system and the periphery will ensue, and this will trigger many emotions and hormonal changes as a consequence of a stress reaction that is generated. That cascade of stimuli cause many physiologic changes and, in turn, are perceived by the nervous system and will be an amplification and compounding of the negative experiencing of the dilemma in the first place.

So, in this way, it prevents the potentiation of the person’s dilemma by the body response ramping it up, compounding the injury and insult to the system, and making it an excruciating experience to endure. With that blocked, it becomes more an idea and recalling of a learned perspective or circumstance rather than one being fully embraced and felt deeply within and producing many changes in the body physiology as a consequence that will add to the pain of the emotional reaction to the inner causes. This leaves them more an idea than an experience that is felt viscerally by the peripheral nervous system and the emotions, and has the virtue of having few side effects because it does not block the cognitive centers within the brain, and so is a selective intervention as opposed to a global numbing of awareness in addition to the body response and amplification pathways.

This is why it has tactical advantage as a therapy—it represents a nice symptomatic treatment that will be very beneficial in alleviating the severe emotional consequences of inner conflicts and responses to trauma in the deep awareness of the subconscious. It will not be curative except as it allows time for things to fade in urgency. This can occur through a sort of learning where the inner conflict is being experienced over and over but without a bodily reinforcement to drive the message home that it is truly threatening and needs to be dealt with as a high priority, will eventually allow it to be shuffled to the bottom of the deck, so to speak, and it may enable the person to go for extended periods in peace unless the deep inner conflict is reawakened again to rise to the foreground and begin to retrigger the bodily reaction that would be appropriate for a serious trauma event brought into recall. But if that does not happen, the situation will appear to have been cured. In actuality it is simply dormant, so the effectiveness will depend on many factors concerning the person’s vulnerability to getting reminders of the past in some way once again after the treatment. The length of the perceived benefit will depend on the interval that might be enjoyed before an awakening happens of that landmine still present within the past and could be stirred up causing symptoms to recur.