DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsThe most recent progress with this autistic client has followed our concentrating on his extraterrestrial abduction experiences. Could it be the case that those abductees who are genetically manipulated and end up to be autistic, have those symptoms more from the emotional trauma than the genetic impairment?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

This is a perceptive observation, and this is largely the case. It is more true than not in the sense that emotional consequences will follow from the traumatic experience of being abducted from one’s bed, taken to a strange place by strange inexplicable beings doing manipulations with no particular regard to the feelings of the young person being manipulated in this way. The consequences of the fear generated by this will always be appreciable. It is then a function of some differences in the innate inner strength and ability to roll with the punches, so to speak, to regain one’s equilibrium and feel safe and secure at least in a normal environment.

Those of a more delicate and sensitive nature will be the ones more severely compromised. Those are the ones who end up with severe autism as a consequence of their being manipulated in this way. This is a severe insult to the being and, as safety is paramount in the view of the deep subconscious, any existential threat will be a major stressor and there will always be severe consequences in reaction to it. In the case of these affected youngsters, it is difficult to tease apart the respective influences of the genetic manipulation versus the emotional consequences of the manipulation itself and that is also due in part to the fact that the influences can act synergistically, particularly in the immediate aftermath of the modification. As with many things perturbing human functioning, after a period of acclimation there can develop an adaptation with a seeming return to normal, or at least approaching normal, as the body learns to cope with the changes and will find ways in many, many instances to compensate for a deficit to keep things going.

With the impairment induced by the extraterrestrial genetic alteration, this inadvertently, or rather unintentionally, causes an increased sensitivity to perceived trauma, so the effects of the handling and manipulation of the person to carry out the deed will register more strongly on the deep subconscious and the akashic records will reflect this as well. This keeps it more on the front burner karmically as an important event that the Law of Karma will recognize and then bring back the energies at regular intervals to challenge the person unless they find a way to bring in healing for this and, as you know, that rarely happens in today’s world.