DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReligionsThe Pleiadians also said in connection with this dialog, that “Jesus is one of the gods who are part of the hierarchy.” Can you clarify why they made such a damning remark?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This was done for the same reasons as we discussed above about the cautions concerning angels and the concept of heaven. It is seeing the glass half empty that has been created by the Extraterrestrial Alliance. In effect, it is often a glass in which water has been substituted with poison. Many people have fallen into the trap in thinking that their thoughts will protect them always and engage in a kind of magical thinking using religious figures as the focus. There is nothing basically wrong with this because the religious figures are genuine and the inner yearning and impulse is genuine as well. People were not made to suffer; they were not born into the world with their incarnation to become more damaged and to lose their way and fall behind further.

The problem comes when those proposing Jesus as the answer are often doing so because of manipulation to co-opt people into a very narrow focus. It is not that Jesus is non-divine or unable to hear them or unable to do things on their behalf, the problems are always ones of level of belief of the worshiper, what is in their heart, what they wish to have happen and why, and often being willfully ignorant about their place in the equation that determines what the divine can or will do for them. If at the same time they are reaching out for help or salvation to Jesus they feel themselves to be powerless and unworthy, this is a self-canceling energetic equation. The extraterrestrials are listening as well, and to the extent people are their own worst enemy in being unprepared for a fully effective outreach to the divine, they will be noticed by the Extraterrestrial Alliance and subjected to further manipulation designed to further subjugate them. So this, too, is a warning. There is much people have to learn about how to go about mounting a prayer outreach to the divine on any level. This we are teaching you to show the way to others.

This is all most unfortunate, particularly because of all the good that has come from the life of Jesus Christ as an example of living through divine principle and bestowing love to all he encountered. But even when providing such a fine example of living in alignment, this is something few can emulate to the same degree and consequently will have much more difficulty with their lives. Many have come to believe it is the idea of Christ or even God itself that has fallen short. They feel let down, they feel abandoned and may abandon their faith and religion as well in a reaction to the seeming failure to rescue them. This is why all religious organizations, leaders, and followers are given heavy attention by the Extraterrestrial Alliance. First of all, they are not supposed to be holding such ideas. It goes against a barrage of relentless subliminal programming being done to destroy any yearnings to follow religion in any form. So here again, people are self-identifying with a forbidden activity and this puts them at risk. Even though, paradoxically, it is the ultimate answer for saving them as well as all of humanity, if they go about it out in the open and in an ineffectual way, they are only putting themselves at risk and not accomplishing what they wish to see happen.

We understand everyone needs to make a living and do not want to see the religious organizations suffer through neglect and abandonment. This need not happen if people all stand strong, but this is a tough challenge to make. The divine and the human family as a whole, as members of the divine circle, all need the religious to act for the common good and do intensive prayer work as well as healing in order to solve this threat looming ever more darkly and threatening the very future of humanity altogether. It is better to follow a more enlightened approach and this is what we are imparting to you through GetWisdom, to help people understand how to address a potential shortfall in their belief quotient and equally as important, the belief in themselves and how to obtain healing if there is a shortfall. People can reach out with their own minds and hearts quite effectively when their belief is intact. This, too, can be cultivated and strengthened through prayer and divine healing requests. You are sharing the tools for this and that is the answer people need most urgently.