DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Lost Soul SpiritsThe spirit of my client’s mom has been in limbo for about a week now, since we worked on her to do a Spirit Rescue with the Lightworker Healing Protocol. Has she transitioned fully yet?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

We are happy to confirm for you that her mother is now safely back in the light fully, and thrilled with the transformation this has brought. She was feeling it while still a spirit in the lower astral plane as the negativity was gradually lifted, and she began to realize she no longer was in such a state of fear, and that had not been the case for quite a long time, but was most welcome. That raising of vibration eventually allowed her to see those coming from the light as a kind of cheerleading squad to greet and encouraged her and enveloped her in love. And this enabled a further improvement energetically, to the point she was able to join up with them and return fully to the heavenly realm and is now in joy and bliss. She is very, very, grateful for all that has been done on her behalf, and especially for her daughter who stood by her and did so much to help her. She sees now and understands the dynamic underway in why she could not let go, but fought desperately to forestall that. And even though she appreciates now it was not at all necessary, technically speaking, she wants you to know that what she was fighting was very, very, real in terms of the emotional significance and toll it took, because of all it was based on in past suffering. Even though this was a quite difficult period for all involved as witnesses, as well as herself experiencing it directly, she wants you to know this has been very much in service to her in her growth to go through it, as it will help her rebalance all the karma behind all that happened, so that it will not have to be repeated again in the future. And the main part of the healing is the benefit of receiving healing with the Lightworker Healing Protocol rescue. Without it, she would still be alive and then would still have a time of indefinite length in limbo because of the severity of her fear in the karmic set-up, trapping her so in her anguish. She sees this as the miracle it represents, that the power of the divine is great and the love of Creator infinite, and some of that love came through the daughter and through your channel in doing the healing requests from loving concern, and it has made all the difference in the world for her. She will be watching over you both and sends her love and deep gratitude.