DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlThere are some valid economic indicators showing that we are likely in a recession. The S&P500 corporate income over the past 6 months has been negative, yet stock prices have risen to record highs. Is this exuberance just human greed, is there a more sinister manipulation keeping investors complacent in the face of warning signs of trouble ahead, or is the end of the business cycle usually followed by recession being prevented through divine intervention?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

This is entirely sinister. The usual ups and downs of the market are a kind of counteracting swinging of the pendulum to prevent excess greed and overenthusiasm and temper it with reality and caution to not overextend through incautious assumptions and exaggerated hopefulness that things will go in one’s favor in the absence of a demonstrated trend in that direction. There would normally have been such a downturn if the market were left to its own energies to self‑correct.

In the current environment, it is being artificially propped up by the infusion of dark money, as you have asked us, and this has prevented the normal checks and balances from working. There are always bearish forecasts and many would-be experts who always get things wrong, but there are many indicators of changes in the world economy that portend trouble and a slowing of growth and a necessary retrenchment and reconfiguring of valuations of share prices accordingly. This has been long overdue now and is being delayed for sinister reasons and that is to coincide with a shift in the valuations from resetting the world financial system. At that point, the more elevated stock prices are, the greater will be earnings from shorting the stock market, so this is an artificial extension of value to loftier and loftier reaches in a kind of irrational exuberance as has been termed in the past when this has been done.

So the normal swings of the market termed “The Business Cycle” have often been manipulated to exaggerate the extremes of high and low valuations because there will always be agents of the Cabal trading in the markets and capitalizing on the deliberate manipulations. This is believed to be impossible because no one has the power to manipulate the market because of its enormous size, but you are talking about an otherworldly power now and not the power of someone with lots of money or even a consortium of billionaires acting in concert. We are talking now about mind control manipulation coupled with money printing as the pilot light and fuse to keep the market on an upswing artificially. As long as the market is trending upward, the mind control manipulation is extremely effective because reality matches the inner expectations implanted within the deep subconscious.