DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsWhen we asked about the impact in terms of karma from someone killing themselves as an infant to avoid the troubled childhood they went through originally, you answered: “It would be too late to have undone those things influencing the person from the future, because their impact would have played out already and that karma would have had the intervening time to cause changes in the individual.” But then you said, and seemingly contradictory, “There would be a missing segment of trauma events no longer able to carry forward through a looping of time to influence the person adversely, so this would represent a potential benefit.” Can you explain which is true, or the contradictory answer more fully?
Nicola Staff asked 6 days ago

In actuality, both are true. It is a question of degree of influence. So this gets quite complex and is difficult to talk about in abstract, broad terms because things will vary greatly depending on the span of time involved and what becomes altered, as well as the nature of the intervening events present for the time traveler from the future, but then removed subsequently through its undoing or their undoing. So there will be an effect from all of the intervening negativity the time traveler from the future was subjected to during their life up to that point they time traveled back into the past. But once they eliminate themselves at a young age and avoid a troubled childhood, for example, the events will be undone and the nature of the energetic signature will become more static because once the change is made to prevent the childhood by the time traveler, the events that would have gone forward if the person simply were present and witnessed the unfolding of the childhood, instead will leave a blank as a potential source of future trouble.

So all continued looping of time will not reach those events any longer, they will be static, in effect, within the akashic records and so their consequences will be attenuated accordingly. They will have had an impact on the time traveler but from the point they go back in time and undo their childhood, any further resonance with the intervening events of trauma will be blocked because, in effect, they are taken out of action by being undone and there will be some benefit going forward because the person will not continue to be triggered, over and over, by the loopings of time that otherwise would continue to haunt them. So it is sort of like having an automatic healing done by that act that changes their energetic experience and lightens their load. It is just instead of healing, you simply do an extirpation maybe more akin to a surgical excision than a divine healing, but nonetheless, there would be some benefit accrue.