DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaThere seems to be a “perfect pest” for almost every situation. The termite is a prime example. Can Creator share what the origin of the termite was, and how best to defend against it?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This has been present in many worlds and is a feature on all three extraterrestrial planets. It is because there is wooded plant life on all three planets and the termite can represent a karmic force to represent a return of negativity to apply a kind of enforced restitution for negativity imparted by the advanced beings in these worlds. This again is because of long-standing depravity in their thoughts, words, and deeds, and this has brought many negative consequences to their worlds. The termite is a true scourge because of the great value of wood through its use for many purposes. It has natural beauty and an organic feel that is warm and welcoming innately. All advanced beings have conscious awareness of nature and want to be a part of it. The ability to appreciate the beauty of nature is diminished with a disconnection from awareness of the divine because that is a type of love on display, but there are practical benefits using wood products. So the presence of termites provides a direct competition that can render a karmic payback under the right circumstances, and so has a place in a reordering of things. The lesson being the perpetrator will never escape the consequences of their evildoing. There will be an inevitable repayment or a commensurate suffering they must face.