DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionThere seems to be some progress in getting at the truth as discussed in the latest video from the Farsight Institute about the “Reptilian Endgame.” They recognize that there is a significant contingent of two extraterrestrial civilizations in league together and wanting to again dupe humanity into accepting their presence, and predict they will use a Disclosure to start the negotiations with false promises that could permanently subjugate humanity. They described in detail a list of “crimes against humanity” committed over the years by the extraterrestrials, which they felt, if revealed to enough people, would help our governments resist the coming deception. They also explained that there is a great deal of information being actually provided by the extraterrestrials through channelers to deceive their New Age followers. These are all at least partly in line with the channeled information from Creator. Are the remote viewers behind these revelations now able to see what is unfolding more clearly due to the new requests in the Lightworker Healing Protocol to peel back the veil used by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to mask their operations from intuitive scrutiny?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Your assumption is correct that the remote viewers are gaining ground in being able to see with greater clarity and more detail, the operations and planning of the extraterrestrials. They do not have the full outlines of this as yet, or the details and the history you are privy to, not having access to us directly, as they must look at the akashic records and make sense of what they are looking at, and do not have the benefit of full divine support, let alone a verbatim description. As you know, the latter, via channeling, still requires formulating penetrating questions that are cogent and in some way or another relating accurately to the truth of things, at least in a predictive sense, in order to receive confirmation or negation, as the case might be, as we cannot truly lead anyone by providing information beyond their knowledge in what they are envisioning as possibilities. So the work to lessen the obfuscation engaged in by the extraterrestrials to cloak their activities from intuitive reach by seekers of truth, is gaining ground. It simply needs more time and more practitioners to add to the level of intention of the Protocol requests and that will help this aspect as well as the many other points addressed by the healing work.