DWQA QuestionsCategory: ElementalsWas J.R.R Tolkien’s creation of the Hobbits and Elves a divine inspiration, sharing with us the “earthiness” of the Hobbits with their bare feet and earthen homes dug into hillsides, yet with some surprisingly modern touches? Was this a message about the need to live closer to nature? The elves were presented as shining, regal, and beautiful, yet quite corruptible. What, if any, was the divine inspiration for their portrayal?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This author enjoyed a quite useful and accurate intuitive connection with the divine realm, as is true of artists, writers, and musicians across the board who do the finest work. Humans develop and exploit a partnership with their muse, a divine consciousness at some level that inspires and helps to guide them to answer their needs, in effect. In the case of writers, it is for a good story to emerge that excites them in a way and rings true, and ideally one that will be of great interest and enjoyed by others to make the end product desirable and a true contribution to literature. Many times hidden truths about the world and its operation will be imparted with the divine inspiration as, in a way, planting a seed that will enter into human awareness when the story is conveyed and thereby human consciousness is expanded to a certain degree to allow a wider array of possibilities.

In this case, the perception of the elves was intuitively accurate in seeing that they are, in their way, exalted beings and this is because they do comport themselves efficiently and with vigor and great joy and delight, living their lives in nature and having many interesting capabilities to come and go, and see things in a different perspective because of their dimensional range of habitat being somewhat different than the physical but overlapping. In a sense, they can see more than humans can about all that is taking place within Gaia, so it is fitting to give them their due, to see them as special, and those positive attributes you describe are in keeping with an account of divinely created beings. After all, they were created, like you, for a purpose of great importance and so are special compared to the many animal and plant species—not all are needed—but the elementals have an important function so it is fitting to give them respect and appreciation.

Also, too, in this psychic’s perception is the sense they can be a force to reckon with, with an agenda and mind of their own that might be at odds with human intention. This, too, is accurate as the elves have a wide latitude in their freedom to come and go and react to things not to their liking. Being within Gaia as a part of your galaxy, they, too, enjoy free agency and free will. This is not to say they will use those privileges wisely and well at all times because, like human, they can make mistakes and create some karmic negativity for themselves, but they are more reachable by divine oversight and guidance and will be less prone to make major errors or cause great harm unwittingly.