DWQA QuestionsCategory: ElementalsWhat is the interloper (dark spirit and extraterrestrial) perspective on elves and nature spirits? Do they even believe in their existence?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

The dark spirits and the extraterrestrials can see these creatures but disregard them as inferior because they are less powerful energetically and play a subordinate role within Gaia, and so are seen as part of the landscape, so to speak, and not of great interest one way or the other. Both types of interlopers, the dark spirits and the extraterrestrials, are loveless, selfish beings. Their lack of compassion and inability to love makes them quite insensitive to even the beauty in nature because that is a loving manifestation of Creator’s ingenuity, wanting to create a beautiful environment for humans in particular, but perceptible by all beings of higher consciousness if they are in divine alignment and their thinking is not distorted too greatly from corruption.

Unfortunately, corruption brings great insensitivity to all that is good because such beings are reduced to a fight for survival and value only power and control because that is a direct and compelling need they have in order to continue their existence. They are pressured constantly from others of their kind competing for access to resources and positions of advantage. It is very much akin to being in the middle of a war, there is no time nor inclination to become involved with niceties. At some point, all involved become hardened and resolute in seeing to their survival through exploitation, manipulation, and many times punishment of others to gain an advantage, and that becomes the only source of gratification open to them.