DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationWas the account titled “The Truth About Reincarnation” a practitioner saw posted on a forum, a true recollection of this person’s reincarnation experience? What is it missing?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This is a true recollection but not the sum total of all that has happened to this individual. There can indeed be a rapid turnaround if that is deemed advisable by the higher self and by Creator both—it is not done unilaterally, it is not done by some matrix of ill-defined energy, it is not done by the individual themselves wanting something different, or better, or even self-punishing. To incarnate always requires a place to land that must be agreed on by all parties affected. All in the family unit receiving the newcoming soul must agree and this must also be agreed to by the soul coming in. It is not forced on anyone, it may be done under some pressure, which is truly guidance, not putting a gun to their head. It can be quite firm guidance but is done with divine love, and that might not always be appreciated if the soul extension involved has been struggling mightily with their life and is in a state of torment and confusion. Under those circumstances, the person will not be seeing things clearly and may be reacting with incomplete information through a distorted lens, and this will color the recollection of the exchange and the circumstances for the decisions and change of direction that are recalled.

This individual has returned to the light, truly. The time in the light is beyond the reach of recall. We have discussed this with you before, that all such conversations, that all such probings using hypnosis or intuitive inspection are a kind of fantasy exercise that may yield impressions, but will not be an accurate perception of what was going on and why. So there is truly a veil that cannot be breached, and this gives rise to some misinterpretations as well. Someone reaching out intuitively to see where they have come from, to explore their time in the light, will hit a wall and not be able to gain useful information. What they will be able to see is their time in prior lives, and even their time as an earthbound spirit, because that is still within earth plane and will be recorded within the akashic record. This is the type of experience this individual has witnessed and is in keeping with the great experience base of doing out-of-body astral travel into the lower astral plane. So there is an ability to connect with those energies quite readily and this is giving rise to the impression that reincarnation is solely limited to the lower plane and the Earth itself, and that is a misunderstanding and a misinformation to accept as the extent of things—this is far from the case.