DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)Was the detonation of stored explosive material in Beirut, Lebanon that killed 200 people and injured many more, just an accident, or a deliberate means to foment social unrest? Was this done by agents of US intelligence, or the MAP?
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

This was totally nefarious. It was an act of sabotage deliberately designed to destabilize things, to cause suffering, and to create unrest and foment deep karmic roots forming mistrust in those in power. This is the typical divide and conquer strategy of the interlopers and was, indeed, orchestrated through the MAP. There are numerous such activities done all the time, largely on a local scale in terms of numbers, but in aggregate keeping the pot boiling, so to speak, and people living in fear and mistrustful of the authorities, who never seem to be on top of things. Safety and protection are key for human existence and this will be keenly felt and reacted to quite strongly whenever anything comes along to threaten public safety. That is why terrorism is such an effective disruptive tactic, because it creates a state of fear that will become all-pervasive once a certain threshold is reached. Many parts of the world experienced this simultaneously in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Everyone was waiting for the next shoe to drop and it indeed became the watershed event for multiple wars in the Middle East which have continued to this very day. Such harmful acts constitute poison pills that contaminate the society where they are administered and many will cause things to boil over, either from a single shocking event or a series that builds a momentum, and then an orchestration through mind control carries things the rest of the way for things to unravel in the society involved in a long-term carryover effect on the current generation. This, in turn, plants seeds for future mistrust, fear, and hatred that can be exploited again and again through such tactics.