DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial ImpostersWas the Reptilian being that replaced Admiral Karl Donitz an actual physical Reptilian or one who either literally shape shifted, or was using sonic field projection to make all the humans think he was Donitz? Or was it that the Reptilian soul was implanted into a cloned body of Donitz. How does this literally work given that the testimony from the light being Donitz was that he was killed?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

The way this is done is for the physical Reptilian to morph into a new configuration of their physical body. So it is their body that transforms into the body of the human. And this is done through matching exactly the DNA composition as well as the extra‑dimensional portion of the DNA, not all of which is known yet to science. There are multiple layers of energy that go into the configuration of what the DNA does and interacts with that form the physical shape and expression in particular, the organization of the cellular architecture and anatomy that are determined in part by an extra-dimensional field of energy that is tied to the DNA in some ways, and to the soul signature of the originator of that DNA. So the ancestral heritage is multi‑component.

The Reptilian shapeshifter uses that information to transform itself into an exact replica of the human being that they wish to mimic. So the physical transformation is flawless, and undetectable from even a DNA analysis down to the last detail. Every mole, every hair on the body will be identical. The ability to mimic the human in their knowledge and personality is done by copying the knowledge and the soul expression of the human being in those aspects you think of as personality and then download them into the Reptilian shape‑shifted replica of the person’s physical body. So this reconstitutes that shape‑shifted being with the memory and awareness and habits, and all of the deep way of expressing itself that came from the original human.

At that point the human is no longer needed and is executed. The human lives on by returning wherever it is able to go. If it is prepared to transition by being a spiritually focused being with an awareness of an afterlife, a belief in God, and feeling worthy to return to God, that being will go back to the light and will be with us. If that human has departed from spiritual awareness, has no belief, and may have other levels of corruption causing discord, and lack of belief in the self, lack of worth of the self, and so on. That soul may end up trapped in the lower astral plane, as is true for many who transition. But they are out of the picture. So when Donitz was replaced he was killed and his essence lived on through a kind of copying. It is very much akin to making phony money. It looks and feels like the real thing and will pass but is truly not. So in this fashion the illusion is complete and such impostors are almost always 100 percent successful in maintaining this illusion because the level of technological excellence is so advanced and so complete, but it is of course for the darkest of purposes.