DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationWhen people die on Earth and return to the light, do they become aware of their other lifetimes, on other worlds? If so are they trapped into reincarnation on Earth, or are they consciously free to either return to Source, or go on to an existence in other worlds or dimensions, as their soul’s evolution permits, making this last lifetime their final earth lifetime?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

There are many aspects to this question deserving comments, and all are important because an understanding of these matters puts many things into proper perspective. So as a light being extension of source energy, you have freedom of will, freedom of movement as a free agent and a decider in how to use your energy and employ your consciousness. This is always the case. So you can choose where to be. There are many souls who never incarnate in any physical plane. They choose to stay where they are. This is allowed and is perfectly acceptable to Creator. This is what we set in motion to have happen, to create other beings like us to experience and express themselves and in that way cause a further expansion of possibilities. There are many who choose to not come to Earth, in particular, because of the darkness here and the difficulties of the Earth experiment itself. The risks are significant because of the Law of Karma.

When people come into the earth plane they are subject to the influence of all that takes place. When they leave they carry with them a karmic history of all they have done, and has been done to them. This they do see when they go to the light. In the light you can look back, not only on your entire life but the lives of all those around you, and how you influenced them, and how those influences spread out to many others, much as links in a chain to see the entirety of your influence. And that may be for the better, or for the worse, depending on the day to day flow of events and the choices you made. But it is all your history and your history lives on with regard to its consequences. That never ends. It continues to flow as energy. You are privy to that, and you see all your lifetimes elsewhere. You are aware of all the places you have been. You have existed long before the creation of the universe, for the most part. This is the true meaning of old soul. It is those souls in existence before the current iteration of the universe was put into place, and then at some point conditions established for the divine human experiment. So this is a journey many of you have been on from the very beginning of things, long before the current universe.

So you also have that knowledge and awareness when you return to the light. This is why the light being is a valuable resource for understanding and learning. To communicate with them is a divine privilege that is granted to very, very few beyond the most meager level of exchange. This is why mediums will hear again and again expressions of love coming from loved ones in the light but very little else in terms of actionable information that might impinge on human doings. And the reason is that is not allowed, because the human divine undertaking here is one of learning and growth to be done by human without extra assistance and a kind of cheating by being told more than you are allowed to know. So this is part of the framework you need to appreciate here. You all chose to come, believe it or not. You decided to come here and you all stood in line eagerly to do so because this is the highest of service. It is the most exalted use of your divine origin and capability because this has the potential for such a tremendous divine expansion compared to all the other doings throughout the entirety of the universe, with millions of other civilizations not so different from yours. This is a very special place and what is going on here has special importance and special meaning.

It is beyond your ability to comprehend, but this is why you chose to come and do your part. It was to be a lightworker to carry things forward for the divine. All come with that intention and with that prior knowledge. With the elimination of memory coming in, all start from a disadvantage in having to make their way, and be largely ignorant of this big picture we paint for you. But many are here to teach and guide the young, to bring them along to these awarenesses. This is the game being played for the interlopers to take those teachers, corrupt them, to make the message dumbed down, and keep it within a lower-level of awareness. Always something pleasant and positive, but never teaching the full extent of what is at stake and certainly never their role in things, to delay, to corrupt, and to mislead.

The idea of coming in to reincarnate as a form of punishment, is one of the disinformation campaigns that has widely circulated. It is true there are downsides to incarnating in earth plane as we liberally shared with you. This is a dark place at the present time because of the corruption. Those who come down will be targeted and will be corrupted if it proves possible. And they will be dragged down, and they will have a karmic debt as a consequence. This is much like a war wound, coming back from the front and reentering society with a limp perhaps, with a missing limb, or with great emotional and mental burdens and dysfunction. You do not take that to the light, but it is nonetheless in your karmic history and will need rebalancing in some way at some time. All who come here know this upfront and yet choose to serve. They are true lightworkers and among the exalted in all the universe, as being very, very special.

The notion that people are often here in their last life is another disinformation campaign. This is another way to disempower people, that you’ll be done soon so you can stand down, you’ve done your part, things are all going to be okay, and you’re no longer really needed to be on the ramparts. People are misled into thinking that they are here just to serve love and love alone, and only the idea of love, and not to be involved in anything negative because that would not be using love or involved with love, and so is not something to be chosen. That is a corruption and a misdirection in its own right. We wish love for all and we want all to live in joy, but when there is something to be joyous about, and when all are not suffering and corrupted, and being duped in various ways, and living a partial life and not a full one. The idea of the light being a danger and that you are a fool to come back to reincarnate, is a false notion and again serves to keep people disconnected, and their fear will not serve them. If you leave your body fearing the light will get you, this is a prescription to be trapped in limbo. This is what the disinformation is designed to do, to leave people wandering in the darkness, with nowhere to go, because they have been taught the light is not safe. They cannot reincarnate from being on the lower astral plane. They must return to the light for that to happen.

This is one of the most diabolical of disinformation campaigns, because not only does it misdirect and mislead, it condemns people to a life of torment because that is not a fun place to be. It is not only the absence of things, it is often the platform for further manipulation and torment of these unfortunate souls. So these are the hard truths you need to know to be awakened, to know what’s at stake, what you face, and what the risks and rewards are. The rewards far, far outweigh the risks. We are not asking anyone to take up arms, nor to harm anyone in any way. We’re only imploring all who hear these words to make a simple choice to invite Creator to partner with them, to bring in love for them, to focus on love in their lives, and give love to themselves and everyone around them. This is simple. Anyone can choose this, and this is personal. You need not identify this to the world and reveal it. We are not wanting you to sign a pledge, to go on television and make a declaration. We are only asking you to save yourself. If you can share this awareness and knowledge with others, you will greatly serve the light, but we are not requiring that of you. We require nothing of anyone but for them to know their choice. They need to know the choices before them so they can choose with understanding, and intelligently. We do not force things on anyone. It is all up to you.