DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesWas the sense of relief of our client one day prior to our actually doing the subconscious channeling session with Holographic Memory Resolution he requested, actually due to a placebo effect from his expectations of obtaining relief, or was it an example of retrocausal healing reaching back to extend healing into the past?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

Even though this was not a Lightworker Healing Protocol session asking specifically for healing to take place across time domains, but rather a direct channeling of the deep subconscious mind with application of Holographic Memory Resolution for events in other timelines, this was an example of retrocausal healing where the effect of the benefit achieved during this session, carried out a day after the benefit was felt, did in fact loop back through time to begin influencing the client. As we have told you a number of times, there is a normal looping of time going on always, so it is not only when this is invoked specifically to be utilized in a purposeful fashion that it can give rise to the phenomenon of retrocausal healing showing up in advance of when healing is requested or applied during a therapeutic session. This can happen as a result of any healing work simply because the future is always looping into the past, so any kind of benefit that raises the person up may be telegraphed to an earlier time point and cause a measurable positive influence. That is what took place here—the reason it was felt strongly was because the healing was powerful and quite meaningful to the parts of the deep subconscious struggling mightily with past tragedy that was alleviated through doing the Holographic Memory Resolution process. So conditions were ripe for having that healing spread, in a time sense, in all directions. That is what took place and that is what was felt by the client.