DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersWas this phenomenon actually evidence of a clash of warring extraterrestrial factions in our skies? Is there an ongoing, if low-level and intermittent, extraterrestrial military campaign underway?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

What this was revealing is a very real military contest playing out in your skies and beyond the Earth as well at times. It is a low-level skirmish and a kind of test of strength and test of wills primarily, to see who acts first and takes the risk. While both sides are poised to strike at all times, both are equally cowardly and are afraid of things escalating too greatly. So there is much posturing involved as well, where they can fight fire with fire but then pretend to be the ones with self-control and restraint, and hope things do not spiral out of control and worsen because they truly do not want wholesale warfare knowing it will cost them dearly. But meanwhile, their evil intentions, their inability to tolerate an affront or a threat to their dominance makes them very dangerous and treacherous in applying their cunning. So if they see a way to punish a rival and get away with it, they will take the risk—that is what was witnessed, it was the launching of a weapon and a counterforce applied.

What was not observable on the videos was the true targets which were cloaked vessels. That is why it looked like an inexplicable and likely natural phenomenon, because the origin of the fireball was not visible, nor the origin of the countermeasure causing it to fragment. The missile-like countermeasure was visible on the recording but its role and purpose not truly understood. This again reflects the very effective subliminal programming of humanity to expect any extraterrestrial presence to be benign because they will be advanced beings of ethics and a loving and gentle nature which is a presumed consequence of evolution, but is a false notion altogether. What has befallen the interlopers, as you know, is a gradual destruction of morality through the secularization of their civilizations as has commenced on the Earth, resulting in a disconnection of these physical extraterrestrials from an awareness of the divine, and the personal degradation and eventual depraved state of existence that has come about inevitably from going down that path of disconnection.