DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial ImpostersWas Zbigniew Brzezinski replaced by a Reptilian during his career?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Indeed, he was replaced as a Reptilian and that is the reason he was so successful in having so long a career. He had a way of being proven right again and again. His advice and counsel were always a match to the plans of the Extraterrestrial Alliance through encouraging incursion, acts of war, or sabotage that would ramp up international tensions at a minimum and flirt with war at a maximum. This serves the Alliance always, because they desire above everything else, to cause trouble and to drag down humanity and to make things as terrible as they possibly can, as they delight in human suffering and relish the opportunity to gloat about their prowess in maneuvering and manipulating and watching suffering in action. This is difficult for humans to appreciate because they are not depraved beings, for the most part. An alien race consisting entirely of depraved beings is quite different from human and will be very difficult to predict, to watch for in advance, and to head off such mischief. They are quite clever in being able to insinuate themselves into the warp and woof. They may be seen as a consistent hardliner, for example, but that strength and sureness of conviction is admired widely, and always sought at least as a counterpoint, if not as the favored view. This gives them a voice, and the more their prophecy turns out to prove as having predictive value, the more trust they gain and the more powerful role they can play to shape the administration in power, and set things up to make it easier for the traps of the Extraterrestrial Alliance to be sprung.