DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerWas my troubled client [name withheld] who has been looking for signs of divine assistance, given help to arrange her unexpected meeting and conversation with the prominent television minister, far from his usual territory, and if so, how was this arranged to happen?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This indeed was a surprise to you both, and quite typically, she did not attribute this to anything other than happenstance because she still does not expect divine assistance although she prays frequently for it to happen. This is because of her low self-esteem you are continuing to help her with, but her prayers are getting through and this is quite solid evidence that what we say is the case.

As you saw intuitively, this was a double orchestration, in fact. She was manipulated to have the impulse to stop at the restaurant in your community in Illinois at an opportune moment, so she would travel there and be in place to be noticed, prior to his arrival with his entourage. He and his entourage were in the area on a trip many states away from the church he leads, and this put him within striking distance, so to speak, of your client. We simply saw the juxtaposition and helped to arrange things so there would be an actual encounter, and that is further why he noticed her, and was drawn to her and, in addition, took the trouble to go and speak to her, and sit and talk with her, and be a source of comfort as best he could as she began to open up a bit to him and explain her life was indeed troubled.

He did his best to encourage her, as he does in his sermons, telling her “God has a plan for you.” That, too, was no accident. While it may seem to be something one might expect from his repertoire of sermon topics, good for many occasions, this was indeed spot on with respect to the purpose of this orchestrated meeting. The plan of Creator to see to her healing, as she needs so desperately, was in full view and visibly in motion to have this quite unusual and unexpected meet up. His sermons are one of the few things that speak to her and help to uplift her in her life of isolation and intense suffering from her self-doubts and self-recriminations, and being immersed in a world where everyone in her environment, from her family to her work colleagues and many, many strangers encountering her, all bully her, and this has been a relentless cause of many, many setbacks and times of suffering for many years.

So this was a wonderful opportunity for us to show up through a human we could bring into the picture as a divine messenger and tell her this directly—that we indeed have a plan for her and that is true and quite real, and special and unique to her, apart from what he promises to the masses through his sermons. So you can share our words with her and this will add to the many, many miracles we have sent her way to give just this kind of encouragement that her prayers are being answered and her connection to her mother, in the Light, is still there and the bonds are alive and well, and her mother is alive and well, and things will get better for her if she keeps going to work on her healing with your help.