DWQA QuestionsCategory: Animal IssuesWe asked you about the beloved pet parrot of my client [name withheld] who escaped prior to last winter. Her guide informed her the bird still survives, but is afraid to return home. Is this the case, and if so, is it because there are dark spirits around my client, or her strong negative painful memories of the loss?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

We are happy to tell you that the bird still survives, so the assessment is correct on both counts. The hesitation to return home is simply because the bird loves its freedom and the fear is returning to captivity. As we told you before, the escape by the bird was a blessing because it was able to soar free and this was something desired for a long time, but impossible to experience as a house pet. While the relationship was real and was mutually shared, it goes against the basic nature of this animal to be confined, so it is serving the parrot to be free and it will continue to do so.

What needs to happen now is for your client to realize she has enjoyed a true blessing in befriending this animal and feeling the love returned, and also knowing that her beloved friend is still living and enjoying its life enormously. It is time to let her go and decide her own fate because these yearnings are a negative influence on the self and the animal as well. This is the reason for the fear felt by the bird—it does not want to be possessed and imprisoned, as it equates the two. So if your client will let go of her desire to have the bird once again under her physical control, this will let her heal from this loss and will let the bird be freer still, and will be a true win-win for both parties.