DWQA QuestionsCategory: Animal IssuesMy client [name withheld] had a baby squirrel she took care of and would visit her. When my client fell and injured her hip, the squirrel turned up the following day with a hip dislocated on the same side, requiring veterinary care. When my client went into the hospital, the squirrel also got very sick. Were these events just a coincidence, or is something more significant happening with this relationship?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

You have stumbled on an incredible story here, but we assure you that what we will share with you is entirely true and accurate. This squirrel identifies with her much as it would with a fellow squirrel it cares about and has been wanting to help her in the same way it would help a mate. So sensing energetic discord, wants to heal it, and in taking on the struggle of the human friend, it is generating discord within the squirrel’s own body.

This, as you know, is a pitfall of animal healing all too often. Their spiritual alignment is more refined and certain than for current human. They do many selfless acts of service that are unseen by human observers and this healing outreach is chief among them. It is an intuitive process, so it cannot be witnessed and studied directly as yet, so the dynamic here is that the attempt by the squirrel to heal its human friend involved pulling in energetic discord from her and then having a consequence within its own body. This is partly due to the level of energy and its intensity because of the disparate size of the two beings, but primarily due to the level of concern and the willingness to take on the project without regard to the self. This is quite typical within animals who do not think in selfish terms, so this was a loving gesture based on the true friendship the animal feels for its human neighbor.