DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWe know that the deep subconscious communicates through emotion and that it falls to the conscious mind to decide what it means and act accordingly. In lucid moments, people enslaved to irrational behaviors will even admit that they themselves see the irrationality, but “cannot help themselves.” Clearly, there is a healing need here in terms of removing underlying past and parallel life trauma that is fueling the emotion leading to the irrational behavior, but beliefs are also in play. In addition to healing the trauma, do the beliefs have to be dealt with as well?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

The creation of negative beliefs is an important aspect of the damage caused by trauma. There are, indeed, two levels of difficulty here. The first is the negative emotional consequences of something going wrong and harming an individual, whether caused by the self or others, that will lead to a karmic need to rebalance what happened with a kind of restitution. If not, that energy will lodge within the physical body and may well begin to impair physical functioning, and certainly emotional functioning, until a way to heal it has been found. When the deep subconscious sees things in other lifetimes and starts to fret about them, that will reopen the old wound and reconnect the living person with the dark energies of a past trauma even in other lifetimes, and that will flow into them and cause them to be off-balance and begin a kind of suffering from inner tension, fear, and so on. It is the presence of this negative energy and how it is experienced that can lead to the creation of negative beliefs that may well be unwarranted but hard to avoid when one is being assaulted by a high level of negativity. This is commonplace because people take personally what happens to them. If they are mistreated by others, they may well develop a dislike or hatred towards their perpetrator and this forms a dark negative belief about them and their worthiness.

Similarly, if a person is attacked by others but takes it to heart and fears that the criticism is warranted, they may well develop negative beliefs about themselves. Such beliefs are a barrier to divine healing as well as the ability of the person to rise above the quagmire that has been created. The divine realm cannot simply override people’s free will choice to hate one another or themselves, so a much more lengthy and complex process of healing must be undertaken to work back from a distance towards the event in question in order to help uncreate the need for the negative beliefs rather than work to fix it directly. It is this combination of negative energy and negative beliefs in the bargain from such experiences that represent a major backlog of needed karmic repair people have as a burden that affects all of society and your future proceeding more smoothly and moving upward, versus degrading further and even commencing a downward spiral. Negative beliefs, like the stored negativity, can be changed through divine intervention but this requires permission of the person’s own mind or the higher self, but most times will be off-limits unless the person’s mind can be asked directly and make an agreement to have a change made by the divine realm. And of course, this rarely happens unless someone is working with a healing practitioner with the requisite skills and intuitive connection to the Almighty to enable this direct transformation.