DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlWere the excessive preoccupation with communist infiltration into the U.S. government of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and the current ongoing and seemingly endless investigation of alleged collusion between the Trump administration and Russia, both a consequence of mind control manipulation to cause fear, hatred, mistrust, and dissension in the ranks?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

This is very much the case. It is the missing link. People are programmed to believe all things take place in isolation and are not interconnected in any way except through the coincidence of surface similarities. This has a logical basis because people will ask, how can there be a connection if there is a long span of time and the original players are no longer even among the living? The missing element, of course, is that the Extraterrestrial Alliance is omnipresent and has been acting throughout human history to direct things. All mischief likely traces back to them in one way or another. They do the same mischief over, and over, and over because it is well established and known to work. So the enemy of the communist world, as a personification of evil to the West, is used again, and again, and again to foment discord, raise fear, and create false reasons to attack things.

In this case, the parallel between the two eras is quite similar and has even been commented on a time or two, but these thoughts are not allowed because of mind control manipulation. So this is why so many human follies occur again and again, and people seemingly cannot apply the lessons of history and avoid the same spectacles injuring a new generation of fellow humans. The strategies work quite well because people do fail to see the handiwork of the cabal in all that happens in the public arena. Without this awareness, they will not accept the pattern that exists as having a deeper meaning.