DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesWas my recent Holographic Memory Resolution session for my client fully successful in picking up where she left off in her prior session, when she worked through six sub-memory blocks from scenes of past trauma but was unable to resolve any of them? If so, can that be done routinely with all clients, to avoid having to go back and reconnect with each event and bring it into memory when the groundwork has seemingly been laid to define a set of memories of key importance to the subconscious, and the feelings they evoked?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

The HMR session you performed as a follow-on to the aborted one did successfully work through the material in both sessions and that is because once the subconscious has reconnected to a trauma of the past, it will recall what was unearthed and can reconnect once again in order to do useful healing, provided there is not too great a span of time between the sessions so things are forgotten. If there is a recollection of the prior work, the reconnection to the energies will take place and then the imagery to resolve the scenes of injury will be very effective. Even though in the original session there was a failure to complete things, if at another time there is greater strength that can be brought to bear by the client once the prior work is addressed and the series of events connected to once again, things will often proceed much better and the work will be just as powerful and meaningful in achieving the desired resolution.