DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindWe’ve been told that the interlopers have severely compromised the connection between both our higher selves and the deep subconscious. Yet, it appears the connection is compromised but not severed. Is it even possible to sever the connection completely with the higher self and/or the deep subconscious?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

There is a spectrum of possibilities with regard to the disconnection. There will be a non-optimal functioning through disconnection for every human being. That is because it is built into the genome. It is faulty apparatus we are speaking of here. The consciousness of the being has not been altered, it is simply that the consciousness of a person is occupying a faulty mechanism in the form of the physical body it populates and animates. Consciousness does not emanate from the brain; it is the reverse—consciousness uses the brain to bring it to life and to the awareness of the physical person whose consciousness inhabits the body, and experiences consequences of the collaboration. When cut off from the body, consciousness will continue to exist but will be experiencing in a different way and it may be quite constrained after a long period of collaborating with the physical apparatus of the body and brain. This is a consequence of being in the high-density physical plane of the Earth you are born into.

The link to the higher self is critical in order to obtain life force energy as well as guidance from the higher awareness that the higher self commands as a portion of the soul, but residing within the divine realm, with access to great amounts of information as well as a divine interplay with Creator and other beings of light, so it has vast resources at its disposal. The ability to talk to the higher self directly and to God are diminished in everyone, and in the majority of people it is impossible. This is a diminishment that was done by modification of the DNA purposely by extraterrestrial interlopers wanting to enslave humanity many thousands of years ago, and this defect has persisted because that is what the extraterrestrials want to see, they want to keep people under their thumb, so to speak. The losses in the ability to connect are not only the ability to communicate seamlessly and fluidly with the higher realms. The personal guidance from the higher self that is normally a part of the life journey, to help make good and wise decisions about many, many things in order to accomplish the life purpose with efficiency and success, will be compromised by the greatly reduced ability to obtain actionable information from the higher self. There will be some general guidance given of encouragement, and perhaps a questioning at times if a person in the physical is considering a poor choice, but there cannot be the same detailed argument presented with depth and a marshaling of arguments that will be comprehensive enough to truly ensure a person makes the highest and best choices. It is more reduced to hints and general encouragement. If people are listening and sensitive to this inner guidance, they may benefit greatly by making better choices and gaining the rewards and successes that will result.

The more a person is constrained, the more that connection is reduced, the less guidance will happen and the more a person will be on their own. At extremes, this results in narcissism, a great self-involvement where the ego becomes all-important, and its care and feeding. What serves the self will loom large in the plans and preferences of the individual with less and less sympathy and compassion for others and, at the extremes, a person will become a functional psychopath devoid of a conscience, because the conscience resides within the workings of the higher self and it is the higher self that sends those pangs of guilt and second-guessing and an uncomfortable feeling that you are out of line and acting badly. With too great a disconnection there is no brake on bad behavior from a functional conscience. A psychopath is unable to feel love because of this disconnection as well. Sympathy and compassion are forms and expressions of love, so this is a true diminishment of the individual to have an extreme disconnection from the higher self. It will degrade their quality of life and represent not only a loss to them but a loss to all others in that person’s sphere of influence, who will come away disappointed and ill-served at the hands of such a person who is totally self-serving and may well be quite dangerous. So the disconnection can be quite severe but not total, because that would prevent life force energy reaching the person in the physical via the higher self and the body would die as a consequence. So there is always still a link in every living person. The question becomes whether, functionally speaking, it is enough for them to reconnect to their spirituality and build back their humanity if they have reached a level of disconnect to render them a psychopath or a malignant narcissist or somewhere on that spectrum.

In the case of the deep subconscious, the connection from the higher self is essentially total with respect to conscious perception. Even with the assistance of strategies to facilitate exploration of the subconscious, such as meditative states or even deep trance hypnosis to reach deeper levels of the mind associated with lower brainwave frequencies, it will not be possible for a bridge to be in place allowing the conscious and the deep subconscious to talk to one another with thought. The only means of communication is via the consequences of the deep subconscious impinging on the physical body to trigger emotions, for example. That is the way it communicates its desires, it is through body language, a kind of body talk sending up fear, anxious feelings, or anger, and of course the positive emotions as well, but those are rarely a problem. It is coping with the unpleasant emotions and the physiologic consequences of the stress response that can be triggered readily by the deep subconscious when it is upset about something, which undermine health and well-being in many individuals. So here again, the disconnect will not be total but can be quite severe and in the most severe of circumstances there not only is a lack of conscious awareness of the deep subconscious and what it is experiencing, but also an inability to feel and experience emotions.

So the conscious level is truly cut off from other modes of awareness and sensing and, in effect, becomes quite limited in terms of the variety of human experience. That can be preferable to a life of torment from excessive emotion and stress that become overwhelming and constitute a kind of torment, but being isolated and unfeeling are a tremendous diminishment that is far from what Creator intended people to experience as a part of their life in the physical. Under ideal conditions, there are a wide array of responses that greatly enrich day-to-day experience such that people can live in a state of happiness and joy much of the time, under ideal circumstances when they are in divine alignment and not being threatened directly by dark forces. Those times are getting rarer on average, but they illustrate the critical importance of a healthy balance and being in touch with the self at all levels to the greatest degree possible.